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Quality Agreement A document customized for every client, which establishes the product specifications, evaluation methods and color chart. The agreement includes MSDS, TDS and recommendations of use.
Appearance It is the optical perception of the tone properties, gloss and opacity when formulated pigment is applied on a substrate and compared against a standard.
Brightness Effect perceived by observing the light reflected on the metal pigments applied to a surface: the more is the reflectance, the higher the gloss.
Color chart Minimum and maximum range with respect to the change in the tone of the pigments, applied according to customer's formula (where it is known or can be produced in Metapol) or the one established in the quality plan.
Color It is the physical property of the light emitted by the objects and substances, defined by its tonality, intensity and purity. For metallic pigments the color will depend of their alloys.
Water Coverage It is the ability of the pigment particles to settle on the surface. The measuring unit of the covered area is cm2/gr.
Paper Coverage It is the characteristic of a coating to hide a surface onto which has been applied as a uniform film, the passage of light is reduced when the hiding or opacity is greater, reflecting the efficiency of the paint or ink.
Dispersibility It is the level of solubility of a pigment that depends on its chemical nature, the particular structure of the liquid phase in which is dispersed, and the determined dispersion method.
Stability Permanence of the formulated metallic pigment properties, since its manufacture until it is used.
Flotation It is the ability of the particles to be separated or migrate to the surface during drying of the paint film, when the film thickness is larger, also flotation.
Strength It is the ability of a pigment to give color to another substance. The term is also known as tinting strength
Particle Size Distribution Unlike other pigments, metallic are defined by a normal particle distribution, where this distribution curve defines the characteristics of opacity, brightness and cleanlinessción define a su vez, las características de cubrición, brillo y limpieza.
Leafing Property The phenomenon whereby certain pigments, especially aluminum, have the ability to orient its particles and that they migrate to the surface to be incorporated into a liquid phase, forming a laminar structure.
Non Volatile Material Volume of solid material contained in the aluminum or bronze pastes after evaporation of the solvents. It is usually expressed in percentage.
Non leafing This property is given when the type of coating that accompanies the particles with hydrophilic properties, is not conducive to their migration to the surface and they tend to form homogeneous part of the vehicle throughout the thickness of the film.
Opacity It is the ability of a film or coating to shut out light and thus hide the color of the surface to which it is applied.
Aluminum Paste Aluminum flakes of high purity, which by a process of grinding and granulometric separation obtain their characteristics of particle distribution, lamination, covering and brightness. It can also be presented in powder, pellets and granules.
Pigmento Metálico Se llama pigmento metálico a las hojuelas en donde la relación diámetro espesor es de 200-1 con un tamaño de partícula de 8-100mm, lo cual explica sus características de sólido combustible.
Particle Size D-50 It is the median of the particle distribution. The measure in a particle size determiner given in microns.
Smoothness It is the characteristic of flatness or wrinkles absence of a pigment formulation, applied on a smooth substrate.
Tone It is the color quality that allows us to observe the variables of cleaning or lightness and darkness or depth, without losing the perceived color. In the case of the metallic pigments is related to the oxidation by its metallic nature.