Our Company

Since its foundation in 1974, METAPOL became one of the national and international leaders of non-ferrous metallic pigments manufacturers for coatings, plastics, textile, graphic arts & inks, crafts, metal mechanics and scholar & office articles industries.

Our variety of products based in aluminum and copper with zinc alloys, provide a metallic appearance with gold and silver colors distinction that allows offering our customers a wide range of products for each application.

Our Commitment

In Metapol our commitment is to dedicate a special attention to our customers, satisfying their needs and exceeding their expectations; our integral quality model, allows us to anticipate the market needs giving quicker answers.

Our commitment is to be an innovative organization, focusing in continuous improvement and environment respect where day to day, our human resources reiterate their commitment with the customer by offering high performance products for all the markets that we attend, both national and international.